Small Penis Humiliation and other Services, London

~ Verbal, Public Exposure and Chastity ~

BDSM is a kingdom of contradictions. There’s so much we don’t understand about the mind and some of the less widely known fetishes are not adequately catered for. Let’s begin with the more light-hearted activity, one that allows me to utilise my sense of wide vocabulary. Welcome to Small Penis Humiliation, which I’ll abbreviate to SPH since it’s such a mouthful (more than I can say for some of the tiny penises I’ve witnessed).

SPH is a particular sexual fetish for submissive men who enjoy being rebuked and humiliated for the length and girth of their genitals and their sexual failure (in many cases the penis itself isn’t necessarily below the normal size). It tends to largely revolve around verbal denigration but may also involve sexual acts performed privately or in public. This is all consensual role-play, of course, and in no way aimed at creating real psychological damage via body shaming. As with my other Specialities, dialogue happens in advance where we discuss which terms/phrases are acceptable and anything that is firmly off-limits. Between the two of us, certainly at the outset, we negotiate a scene beforehand to ensure it meets your desires.

It goes without saying that boredom can creep in without continual refreshment so be assured that once I’ve climbed inside of your mind, I’ll be playing havoc with that knowledge.

Let me expand upon my most requested humiliation services…

Verbal humiliation

This is the part where I tell you how small and pathetic your penis is. And keep on telling you. Picture the scene as you arrive at my dungeon for your session ready to be under my scrutiny. I waste no time in false assurances or small talk, merely demanding that you drop your trousers and pants so that I can see that little cocktail sausage. My face twists into a mocking sneer as I behold the minuscule specimen hanging limply before me. You avert your gaze and stare at the sight of your own tiny little cock-stub peeping out from between your legs as I continue my critique of your miserable excuse of manhood… Further insults directed at your feeble maggot continue as you fall to your knees before me and hang your head in shame (secretly glowing inside).

Public exposure

Taking humiliation to the next level are those men who want a wider audience to witness their genital shortcomings. Usually, this involves the online sharing of photos on social media or on one of the many gallery sites set up for this purpose to be mocked by the masses. Or maybe as a special treat, I allow you to become the laughing stock of the party at one of my Dominatrix soirées so that all my colleagues can share in the acts of ridicule. Can you imagine being the centre of attention, standing naked and vulnerable, on your knees within a circle of powerful women each equipped with a ruler to measure your tiny acorn before delivering a round of stinging flicks to wake it up and ordering you to hide it away in some girly panties?


Another element often used by me involves the submission to a chastity cage. These amusing mental devices come in a range of materials (most often heavy metal) and designs but essentially, they are built to encase and trap the penis within a fastening attached to the testicles, allowing a man to urinate through it but preventing touch and making an erection truly painful. For the recipient, it’s both humiliating and exciting in equal measure, being locked in, feeling it constantly as a reminder beneath everyday clothing, perhaps whilst at work. The duration of chastity is always discussed in advance and although, as your Mistress, I will keep the key, I always discuss a failsafe plan for emergencies. This is a rewarding means of creating continuous humiliation remotely and hugely popular with clients as it lends itself to so many playful opportunities for me such as forcing your submissive to view porn, the exquisite torture as your poor straining erection struggles to expand inside its metal prison.