~ Female Domination Sessions London ~

The vast proportion of my clientele has submissive inclinations to some degree, many to the extent that they hunger for the complete slave experience. To feel owned by someone, as their property to use as they please might sound unthinkable for the layman but in the mind of the subservient, it’s a blessing. I’ve listened with awe at the descriptions given to me by subs over my years as a Dominatrix, and they wax lyrical about the sense of belonging they feel, of the freedom ironically it fosters when they literally hand over the reins to their Master or Mistress. In these times of challenge, within a driven world, it makes particular sense that sessions as a slave offer opportunities to just leave responsibilities and worries behind and not have to make decisions for themselves. You might think of it as an alternative therapy, an antidote to everyday stress.

I am proud of my work in this pursuit, taking in men as complete beginners through to those well-versed in protocol and experienced in servitude. It’s always rewarding taking a newbie on, providing tutorage and education, shaping them to MY high standards. I am precise in my methods, you could say it’s like preparation for a set of exams, there’s a secret format that has always worked for me which results in superior slaves. Along the way, you’ll experience the necessary chastisement, humiliation and isolation you need and deserve. You’ll probably spend a fair few hours locked up in my cage awaiting my attention but you’ll use those times for self-improvement, becoming still and learning patience. I’ve no time for whining or pandering; I won’t ask twice for anything and infractions will result in instant punishment as fits the infringement.

A Lady such as Myself can never have too many house staff so for those of you who reach the ultimate goal of becoming one of my regular slaves or sissy maids, you’ll be in a most privileged position. This kind of servitude is particularly suited to those who consider themselves “lifestyle slaves” because they are at my beck and call. Under the terms of my ownership, you will relinquish your sense of self and become merely a tool to make my life more comfortable, to be objectified as I see fit and given whatever chores and duties I dictate. There will be opportunities for you to join me on outings to attend to my needs and to promote my status when in the company so I expect your behaviour on these occasions to be immaculate and to set an example for other slaves, Within the remit if your enviable role comes remuneration to me; I will expect you to pay tribute to me, financially/gifting me items which enhance my esteemed lifestyle. If you please me, perhaps I might hand feed you scraps of already chewed food from my esteemed mouth. Displease me and quite simply, you will be replaced by another eager slave always waiting in the wings for a chance to shine.

Feminisation and Sissification

Another of my popular session offerings – should you be reading this from a position of innocence, this is a BDSM practice involving gender role reversal, behavioural as well as physical. As a Dominant, essentially I take a submissive man and makes him (with prior consent unless we are operating under Forced Feminisation) assume a female persona, which includes the transformation into cross-dressing to achieve this feat. I believe that below the service of even the manliest, lies the desire to experience life as a woman. More men than most would imagine will have spent time daydreaming about this fantasy..perhaps they’ve even borrowed their partner’s silky panties or applied their lipstick when nobody else is around to interrupt?

Feminine clothing such as short skirts, hosiery, heels and lingerie are adopted, perhaps even wearing prosthetic breasts, to transform into the ideal in mind. In addition, the submissive is trained to act in a feminine manner, getting referred to by a feminine name, assuming female beauty regimes such as applying makeup and shaving legs to basically assume the essence of a real woman. Roleplay is utilised to create an alternative world for this creation, perhaps a maid, a nurse or a sex worker.

My sessions are open to both newly emerging and regular crossdressers, providing a secure environment in which to transform and allow their natural girlish whims out to play. It’s nice to have girlfriends around sometimes and I make a very good best friend during our sessions, helping you to make the very best of your assets. With Mistress Lilin, you dress to impress and I can make you feel like a Goddess or a cheap Whore in your trashy clothes with trashy make-up.

As with every enquiry, one of the most important stages of our interaction is the gathering of information. In order to provide you with the best experience, I require detailed information as to where your crossdressing desire takes you in your fantasy world. Only then, can I tailor make the sessions to match. When armed with the right information, I’m adept at understanding previously hidden desires and teasing them out to a full conclusion.

You may have an alter ego in mind, long suppressed and barely recognised; or perhaps you’ve always identified with feminine traits since childhood, trapped in the wrong body and desperate for an escape, being nurtured as the pretty little girl within? If this is your dream, I can provide an immersive experience, Mummy and Daughter where I guide you lovingly (but with firm discipline) through the stages of girlhood to womanhood. If innocence is far from your thoughts, I welcome wannabe Sissy Sluts with open arms as it’s the ideal opportunity for me to give you a humiliating tongue lashing at your futile attempts to attract sexual attention with your garish bright lipstick and fluttering lashes, your bottom barely concealed under a micro mini skirt…Yes, I’m naturally attracted to role play because it’s a fascinating insight into the mind and emotions, elements closely attuned to our sexuality.

As well as private dress up and sissy sessions, I also offer unique opportunities to be present and active as a serving maid at social events which I sometimes co-host with Dominant colleagues. If I deem you suitable to attend these occasions, you not only get to enjoy the bliss of glamorous and powerful assembled female company but you get the chance to please me by showcasing my triumph in training you.

Finally, I should mention that I also have a particular penchant for Pegging so if you’re now tingling with anticipation, imagine for a moment, a scenario where (filthy, slutty girl that you are) gets led up into my boudoir for punishment. Holding your breath and feeling your heart pound as I order you into discipline position and present your bottom as you bend over, pull your skirt up and wait for the implement of my choice to sting your quivering cheeks. When you’re at your limit, the heat on your ass cheeks burning hot and deep under your buttocks, my fingers push aside your silky panties and my slippery strap on dildo glides deep into your slutty hole. I’ll take my time, letting your torment build as you struggle to remain stable in your teetering heels, my cock slamming into deep and then withdrawing. It’s a wonderful sight witnessing the desperation as you try to spread yourself wider and push back, wanting that desperate greedy hole filled again…