Medical Fetish Mistress

Piercing and Needle Play

~ Medical Fetish Sessions London ~

Play piercing/needle play is a BDSM technique that involves consensually inserting needles underneath the skin of another person for erotic pleasure and is one of those activities that either fascinates, appals or frightens most scene players. Those who have had acupuncture know it feels good, it’s cathartic feeling the prick of multiple needles pierce the skin regardless of the other alternative benefits. And so, needle play has its avid fans.

If you’ve read my background summation within the Homepage and General Sessions section of my site, you’ll have surmised that I’m equipped to carry out many of the more specialist fetishes- those which ordinarily carry more risk unless performed in the hands of a fully competent Dominant.

Because of the invasive nature of these practices and the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens, it’s an activity that requires expertise and diligence. Care must be taken to follow all appropriate safety precautions when engaging in this activity in order to avoid infection or injury. I take my part in this responsibility very seriously and will never agree to anything which, in my view, constitutes a real danger to my clients. I expect honest and full disclosure from prospective clients.

So moving on… as those of us within the fetish community know, by the very nature of BDSM, we find ourselves drawn to the taboo, to the riskier elements as our experiences lift us higher and we are pulled in deeper. Medical and needle play is such an area.

So why is it sought after? Like most practices, it’s because it feels good – as part of a BDSM scene, needle play can produce a natural and long-lasting endorphin rush that can last for hours. The physiology of the hormone production produces a kind of blissful sub-state, tranquil yet with heightened sensory awareness. In addition, the aesthetics of the needles themselves have appeal, there’s an attraction to the pattern of the needles as they are inserted, the inclusion of sutures, or the adornments attached to the needles (lacing for instance). For some, needle play is linked to a particular medical fetish. More about that later.

When my subject comes to me curious but with a mixed bag of nervous emotions yet still willing to try it, I speak very calmly and softly, make deliberate eye contact and encourage him to take slow, relaxing breaths. It’s only once I intuit they are calm, I bring out my needles and commence.

There are 4 main types of needles used in needle play :
  • fine-gauge hypodermic needles with hubs that you can use for leverage,
    acupuncture needles
  • traditional piercing needles
  • dental needles, with dual tips that make them suitable for use in needle play with electric stimulation

The most popular placements for needlework tend to be the fleshier erogenous areas of the body, thighs, bottom, abdomen, back and genitals (nowhere is really off limits aside from the eye area). Needles may be placed side-by-side or used to create crisscross patterns like a “button”, where one needle sits below a needle that’s already been placed.

After placing my needles, I use a variety of ways to manipulate them to stimulate, using my gloved hands to touch, push, twist and even slap the needles. move the needles around, gently pushing, pulling, twisting, flicking with the tip of my finger or gently flogging. The use of an ice cube over needles is another toe-curling experience as is passing a vibrator softly on the needles to create a deeper humming sensation. There’s really no end to the fun we might have …

Medical Role-Play

Borrowing from my background in the field of alternative and mainstream medicine, it stands to reason that I’m in a prime position to offer sessions borrowing from many of its themes and bring them into my BDSM theatre of wonders. As we know, the brain is the largest sex organ so let me play neuro-surgeon with yours..or at least, demonic doctor or sadistic ward sister? Roleplay comes into its own with medical play… it’s my chance to also transform and assume a part with you as my willing and long-suffering patient.

Perhaps you like the thought of being prepared for a gastric operation requiring an enema. The humiliating torture of watching me in full nurse whites as I set up my system to flush you clean? For those with a penchant for sounding, and catheterisation, I’ve got all the equipment to make your eyes stand out on stalks… the question is how much can you stand?

I also offer scrotal infusions if that is your fantasy; I certainly enjoy witnessing the swelling as your balls turn into the equivalent of giant water balloons.

And for those with an interest in the historic method of healing…how about a little session in leech therapy?