Foot Fetish

Feet, Stockings, Shoes and Boots + More!

~ Foot and Shoe Worship Sessions London ~

If you’re transfixed by feet and the aesthetics of how they are presented, step forward and sign up for one of my worship sessions. Foot fetishism is a highly popular fetish and can be generally defined as a pronounced sexual interest in feet.

The foot is usually considered one of the “lowliest” and least appreciated parts of the body perhaps because of the wear and tear they experience daily, therefore kissing and licking a foot has a submissive stigma.

Areas of peak attraction vary greatly and can be as simple as enjoying the size and shape of a naked foot, the beauty of a high instep, the delicacy of its toes. Others prefer feet with adornments such as tattoos, nail polish, jewellery or specific footwear. Let me describe my sessions in more detail.

Your Barefoot Beauty

Feet are undoubted, an intimate part of the body often covered up in footwear and shielded from view. Fetish aside, it’s easy to see how feet create intrigue and become the source of male curiosity, conjuring up erotic thoughts as you wonder what they might look like under the shoe. I take good care of mine as I do the rest of my body, and consider them an asset worth investing in. You should too. If you should be one of my chosen foot servants, I will be continually monitoring your pampering skills. I’m always happy to welcome new clients who would like to prove themselves worthy of the privilege to attend to my soft soles and precious little piggies.

A truly devoted submissive who knows how to pay due tribute, will be in for a sublime treat. We might start with you kneeling naked in front of Mistress and being permitted to remove my silky stockings one by one as your grateful hands peel them down and feel the curves of my feet under your fingertips as your hands enfold their warmth. They carry my signature smell (no set of feet smell the same) and you lower your nose to each taking deep breaths as if you were a “CognoScenti” of Pedial Perfume. If I feel generous, I might give permission for a tongue bathing, letting you lick every inch of my feet, the taste of salt and sweat mingling on your tongue, manna from heaven indeed. Becoming heady with our foot foreplay, you pour some warm soapy water into my Foot Spa as you gently lower each tired foot into the soothing water. I give you a sign that you may begin the bathing ritual and you slowly caress my silky skin. Enjoying the silence and sensuality of this sacred experience, you focus your gaze on my graceful feet beneath the surface of the water, you savour the sweetness of the moment. I glance down and notice a slight swelling in your cock and I order you to stop immediately and lie on the floor next to my chair. I withdraw my dripping feet from the water and place them upon your testicles pushing down, squeezing them between my wet toes. As your erection grows stronger, my feet wander to the base of your erection and work their way up to your shaft, pulling back the foreskin and giving you foot masturbation you’ve only previously dreamt of.

If you identify as a Sissy Slave (link to section on Sissification ), perhaps you’d like to train as my favoured pedicurist? There’s always a placement available in my staff for someone who yearns to pander to my feet, who wants to indulge in girly time and is prepared to learn the skills required to provide a professional toe polish for Mistress.

Shoe and Boot Worship

There’s really no end to the creative connotations of shoe and boot fetish. Needle thin stilettos make wonderful tools for insertion, urethral and anal penetration opportunities take on new meaning. If you crave pain and you’re a lover of CBT, perhaps a ballbusting scene featuring Mistress dressed in latex and her shiny black thigh-high boots. Do bear in mind that some of the more masochistic ways to introduce boot and shoe worship, carry greater responsibility in terms of duty of care, requiring medical knowledge and expertise. A trampling session with full weight face standing is a more cruel play activity. As its name suggests, the dominant may stand completely on the face of the slave, crushing any resistance. Knowledge of organ position and dangers is essential and my background enables me to offer this service with absolute confidence.

One of my most sought after services- what could match the enchanting prospect of wiling away the hours kneeling in front of my fabulously clad feet, I ask you? I’ve witnessed a wide range of preferences during my time as a professional Dominatrix so I’ve amassed the equivalent of a sweet shop for every shoe aficionado. Aside from the obvious fan club of sexy boots and stiletto heels, I’ve got clients on my books who favour peep-toe sandals, ballet flats and flip flops or well-worn slippers and sports shoes. Shoe tributes are ALWAYS welcome (link to a Wish List?)

To introduce you to the delights in store, first-timers may enjoy being led around on a leash towards my footwear wardrobe on their first visit. Casting your flitting eyes over my collection, I’ll let you choose some of your favourites for me to try on. You hover as close as you dare, taking in the scent of soft calf leather gleaming with layers of polish. I pick a pair of my choosing and allow you to dress my feet, watching your trembling hands introduce each sacred foot into the shoes. I instruct you to lie alongside me on your back as I recline on my seat, using your upturned face as my footstool as the soles of my shoes cover your nose and mouth. As our sessions progress, assuming you’ve proven your devotion, I’ll create more challenging scenarios should they be desired, inserting one of my extreme heels deep into your mouth for a deep throating is one of my favourite professional pastimes. The connection between Dominant and submissive resonates strongly when we lock eyes during this activity… you are so far below me watching as I penetrate your open mouth with a saliva-coated heel.