From spanking OTK to Judicial Caning

~ CP and Role play Specialist London ~

In a sexual or fetish context, corporal punishment or CP for short, refers to the act of inflicting intended bodily harm/pain on a consensual submissive/slave, which usually includes hitting in some form (slapping/spanking/beating/whipping). In terms of roles, the Dominant (that would be me!) is the sadist and the recipient slave/submissive is the masochist.

It’s a complicated desire because it’s not necessarily a reminder of any childhood experience of being chastised. Those who crave these acts often report that enduring corporal punishment helps them experience a much needed release and pleasure. Many people relate strongly with the implement they’re being punished with – canes, crops, or paddles themselves. Within the BDSM community, those who enjoy pain derive heightened sexual stimulation from the combination of pain and pleasure, inextricably mixed up, the boundaries between the two blurring mysteriously. This “gift of physiology” releases endorphins, neurochemicals that trigger our opiate receptors resulting in a natural, exhilarating “high.” It’s a compelling reason to love it.

And then there are those who feel a thrill at the suffering itself, pushing themselves progressive across goalposts, forcing themselves to endure challenges that can lead to a feeling of accomplishment., especially when this programme of improvement is set by a proficient and exacting Mistress. As you can see, CP is a combination punishment covering both physical and mental aspects.

A word on safety

First, a reassuring word on trust and safety. As with any of my sessions, we begin with a consultation in which you share your experience, your desires, boundaries and thresholds. Many of these will not be absolute as you will find as we proceed into a more regular pattern of sessions. I can be very persuasive and I pride myself on extending your previously held ideals and limitations. That being said, you will find yourself relaxed in the quiet but warm authority with which I conduct myself. We will also designate a safe word which represents the white flag of surrender when you reach your limits. This will always be respected. The joy you will find in pleasing me, in the marvel in overcoming fears and graduating into deeper waters will soon eclipse your need for this word as your life buoy. This is exciting territory for us both and for this reason, I prefer to foster more regular clients rather than singular encounters.

I rely on the transparency of each client; to share key information in advance where appropriate regarding any underlying medical issues. Within session times, restraints when used, will be safely tied with no risk to damage or loss of circulation. If gags or hoods are used, I will be monitoring you continuously, checking for breathing patterns, reactions and other bodily cues. For activities involving restraint, we will have a designated signal to alert me. I always have these bases covered so that it’s with surety, you can enjoy how the scene authentically plays out.

When punishment implements are used, knowledge and experience are your safeguards. My medical background affords me both of these and I’m proficient not only in the use of each implement but also of the Impact Play Safety Zones. I play with the precision of a pain connoisseur and an artist. For many clients, the aesthetics of the linear markings of a caning prolong the experience, providing a lasting memoir to view in the mirror when reliving their fantasy long after the session ends.

Acting it out

CP can also be linked to and part of a specific role-play. The stereotypical idea of a dominatrix holding a whip conjures up a powerful, iconic image for most men regardless of whether they identify with being kinky. Specific themes for role play abound, some very deeply rooted in the psyche. I enjoy teasing out secrets from my clients to breathe life into their unique fantasies. It is with ease that the actress within me can transform easily from nurse to school headmistress, boss, prison guard, police officer…or just your high octane rubber Mistress. This seems an appropriate time to reveal that I am a big fan of latex/rubber and leather. I thrive on designing and creating my own one-off costumes but should you wish for me to wear a specific outfit that happens to not be part of my wardrobe, please feel free to purchase it as a much-appreciated tribute.

There’s a phrase “the devil is in the detail”. I believe that to gain genuine worth from a role play fantasy, you need to paint a vivid picture for me. When we fantasise, there are so many small visual triggers that make our desires pop. The way that your fantasies are layered interests me because only then can I gather the ingredients to put together an unforgettable experience. I don’t deal in mundane. My pride dictates that my showcase illuminates your vision and eclipses everything you’ve witnessed to date.

I usually like to begin with a warm-up, some non-painful sensation to ease nerves and promote “subspace”, particularly if it’s our first session together.
This could be something as simple as trailing my latex-gloved hands over your body or using feathers or a pinwheel to traverse all of your sensitive areas before moving on to more attention-grabbing activity perhaps using just my hand or a lightweight flogger. I find that establishing a pattern of strokes works in giving the client a taster of what’s to come. Once this headspace zone has been created, we can move on to sterner stuff! Whatever range of pain you fit within, my personal approach (unless discussed to the contrary) is to interject with seductive sensuality but yes, I can quite easily flip to non-stop cruelty for the avid pain sluts amongst you.

My Weaponry

One of the most beguiling aspects of CP is the opportunity to sample the variety of sensations each implement provides. It’s not just about the physical impact..the mere sight of these beauties on display or in my hand promotes heady anticipation, sending endorphins racing in even before I land the first blow. Many subs even form a bond with their preferred implement (I’m happy to use one of your own correctional pieces that being the case).

An over-the-knee hand spanking, skin to skin, is always a thrill and offers a very connected experience. It’s often the start point for first-timers because it can be easily controlled and it’s also a great warm-up activity. The skin is such a sensitive cushion of nerve endings and the sensations that generate from the rush of an open hand in the bottom are quite exquisite, feeling the warm glow spread as the blood diffuses to the area. Each spank creates deeper waves of pleasure that results in a tingly awakening of the genitals…

….but for those who like more wallop, I have all the necessary impact tools of my trade and much more. Many of you will already know these “hurty” objects, how they are used, what they feel like and the marks they leave. Those familiar with Corporal Punishment will have their favourites – and those they hate. Knowledge is power and I will use this information to my devious advantage naturally to inflict the reward of pleasure or more pain as and when deserved.

Amongst my treasured friends are paddles, straps, crops and canes, whips and floggers. Used properly, they’re hugely memorable but using these implements requires expertise and precision in order to avoid real physical damage. With my medical background, I’m fully equipped to conduct myself with any implement. Most of the time, there will be marks, my signature emblazoned on your skin to give you a reminder of my power. If you’re in a situation in your private life where marking would have a negative impact, I need to know in advance. At one end of the pain spectrum, many of the punishment tools will cause only surface damage with bruises but no broken skin. Then there are the seriously stingy which can result in welts that penetrate the surface. I have to take responsibility for the welfare of all my clients and I will only work to limits that I’m comfortable with. I realise that there are other pro-dommes who will go to any lengths regardless but I’m not one of them when it compromises your health and my reputation. I always reserve the right to stop if I feel it would be damaging to continue.

Alongside these, I also own a variety of bondage equipment that often feature as an accent to CP sessions – handcuffs and blindfolds for those who enjoy being held as my prisoner during interrogation through to full body harness for absolute restraint when Rubber Mistress Lilin is on duty.