Booking & Etiquette

Currently, I’m based in London (address to be shared upon booking), I am always eager to travel to new domination destinations subject to satisfying my criteria with a number of Zoom/ Skype phone interactions. My clients are expected to cover all expenses and my daily rate.


When you commit to experiencing my domination you are also expected to adhere to MY rules. These are my elementary requisitions that must be obeyed without negotiation.

On the basis of reciprocal respect of each other’s soft and hard limits, you will be required to follow my protocol, or your session would be ceased immediately without a refund.

‘Do not touch My body’ without My clear direction and/or permission

Be advised, that just because you have booked and paid for the domination session it does NOT give you the right nor permission to touch or worship My body. Be mindful of who is the one in control.


Please arrive at the arranged time. If you are delayed, do let Me know as soon as possible. Be aware that any delays will imply reduced playtime.

In the event of lateness, I will communicate with you as soon as possible so that you are able to adjust your plans.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is a basic principle for me, and you should rightfully assume this would be the same for you as well. My dress code expectation is simple: look presentable in casual/smart-casual. Tend to your grooming needs, shower, brush your teeth, use cologne or the like. When booking a session for anal play, be sure to follow the preparation procedure described here (add the link to cleaning protocol)


I do not accept or tolerate intoxication, if you arrive under influence of recreational substances, I will end your session without a refund.

Inappropriate behaviour

Physically or verbally abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, and I will have no hesitation in calling the police if faced with such.


I DO NOT offer/allow sexual intercourse, oral services or any other overtly sexual act so do not embarrass yourself by asking.

Booking Procedure

In the first instance, I request that you fill out and submit the online contact form or email me directly, details below.

Please be sure to include all fields of the required information – your name, age, the type of session you are interested in, and duration. Additionally, please specify your BDSM interest, and describe any prior experience. In addition, I encourage you to provide a comprehensive description of your fantasy(-ies) about power and domination.

It would also be helpful if you could suggest a selection of days/times you are interested in attending and a preferred location (eg. Postcode) so that I can determine a suitable dungeon in the local area.

For safety, respect, and planning reasons I refuse to answer any enquiries that lack sufficient information. After my thorough assessment, I will respond to your application with consideration. Successful applicants will receive a formal greeting from Me with details of deposit requirements and means of payment.

I expect honesty at all levels. This is not limited to fetishes, your hopes and desires pertaining to your domination session, but also relating to your physical and mental health (injuries, surgeries, medications, wearing a pacemaker etc).


I am available for bookings from Monday till Saturday from 10 am till 8 pm. There is a possibility to request a booking outside my working hours however this implies increased charges. I do not offer same day booking and require 24-72h to arrange a session.


To confirm booking, a non-refundable 50% of deposit is required. Cancellation within less than 24h prior to your scheduled appointment, will result in loss of your deposit.

If you cancel your session with more than 24h notice, you will be entitled to transfer your deposit to a future session.

Once the initial tribute has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email of the appointment, with directions to My torture chambers, and we can commence planning your ‘journey’.


    • 1 hour £250
    • 2 hours: £480
    • 3 hours: £660
    • 4 hours: £800

*There is an additional charge for catheterisation, infusion play and Leech therapy

Overseas Trips

My clients are expected to cover all expenses and my daily rate

Apply For your Session

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