Welcome to the home page and personal sanctuary of Mistress Lilin Huntress.

Professional Domina

You may address me as Miss Lilin or Huntress. Of Polish origin, I’m a passionate and committed lifestyle Dominatrix with an unrivalled track record in making men MY own (if you need persuading, I do encourage you to read on!).

Although currently based in London, I’m a keen global explorer accommodating trips to rule internationally, where possible, offering opportunities for both face-to-face and remote domination across a diverse range of decadent session content.

My professional background spans a variety of entrepreneurial interests in the fields of allied health, holistic healthcare and contemporary art.

The route to Pro-Domme was a gradual progression, beginning many years ago first arising from a keen interest in BDSM/Fetish but with a deep-set y
earning for more integration within this wonderful depraved community.

In 2016, this rapidly growing fascination in this fantasy-fuelled arena found me embarking on a course at The London School of Dominatrix, the journey continued and my calling was realised.

“Miss Lilin Huntress… visually beautiful, attractive, stunning, tall, slim, very slim, elegant, beautiful face, lovely hair all set off with that rubber catsuit… amazing, also with a lovely personality, but, you are excellent at being in control and inflicting my passion, = PAIN…”

Lilin Huntress is my alter ego and your “Demonatrix”….

A name is not just a name – it empowers, and facilitates reinvention. And so, after much deliberation, I chose my historic name to reflect the power and sentiment of Lilith as an unsubmissive, female form of Jewish origin in ancient Mesopotamia; a night spirit depicted as a bird appearing to men in dark dreams and fantasies. It’s a fitting tag as I identify as both the gentle turtle dove and the hunting hawk, depending upon where you cross my path. Lilin Huntress is my alter ego and your “Demonatrix”….

I’m a beautiful tapestry of contradictions, petite yet strong, softly spoken but with a wicked glint in my eyes, empathetic but sadistic. I can be warm, light as a feather, approachable and naturally intuitive with the charismatic charm and sharp wit to understand and coax every desire to the surface as I possess an unrivalled gift for seduction. But never mistake my sensitive demeanour for fragility or take anything for granted for my flip side, when revealed, has all the sting of a scorpion. I’m the elegant epitome of superior feminine power….uncompromising, wilful and gifted with depraved creativity to ensure you never want to stray. Seduction is just the tip of this iceberg; I’m naturally intuitive, teasing out your innermost thoughts and desires and creating unique domination experiences that exceed all of your dreams. Once you step across the threshold of Huntress, you will find yourself enticed into a realm of total immersion, willing to submit to my every directive and carried away in the irresistible current of My brand of sensual sadism.

Time to tease out long-buried and unfulfilled secrets…


Since life creates so many challenges, we must all allow ourselves diversions, which fuel our souls as an antidote to the doldrums! My role is to offer immersive, authentic experiences where my clients can forget the mundane and embrace a whirlwind of sublime pleasure and pain by my hand. We begin with the prologue, time to tease out long-buried and unfulfilled secrets in the safe trust that with Mistress in my domain, no taboo shall exist. My curious mind makes sense of all your deep-seated longing, curating and crafting your confessions into scenes to satiate your specific appetites.

This is my pledge to you as My potential devoted subjects: there is no cure for this addiction, once hooked, only more of Mistress Lilin Huntress will do.

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That is your first command